[Ansteorra] Court at War of Ages

Golden Staff Herald golden-staff at herald.ansteorra.org
Mon Oct 25 20:22:39 PDT 2010

Harken all, and know of the great news which was proclaimed at War of Ages.

Their Stellar Majesties strengthened the heart of this mighty Kingdom 
and did name HE Octavia de Verdon as a Lion of Ansteorra, Defender of 
the Dream.

After spending the night in contemplation at vigil, John of Severn did 
receive the belt and chain of a Knight.

The Court of Ansteorra was blessed with the addition of Corwin von 
Xanten as a Baron, and Simone Valery La Rousse and Zecharia Ines Balzan 
as Baronesses of that same Court.

Their Majesties further saw fit to recognize the following gentles:

Kirsten of Skye 	Sable Thistle (Costuming)
Oreyon Bozzhogg 	AoA
Roysen Ari Manna 	Sable Comet (Seawinds)
Ysabeau of Prague 	Sable Comet (Ffynnon Gath)
Sven Sixstrong 	Sable Comet (Ffynnon Gath)
Ulrich von Brixen 	Sable Comet (Ffynnon Gath)
Khadija bint Amir Al-Rashid 	Sable Comet (Ffynnon Gath)
Mike Plushman 	Sable Shield
Cristyana Lambrecht 	Star of Merit
Donnchad mac Canacáin 	Sable Comet (Ffynnon Gath)
Ludewicus von Lichtenstein 	Crown's Grace
Kormakr Mikjallson 	Crown's Grace
Vogna Zherebtsovia 	Crown's Grace

In Service to Crown and Kingdom,
HE Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair
Golden Staff Herald

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