[Ansteorra] Machine Embroidery Design - only slightly off topic

Charlie Durbin charlesdurbin at austin.rr.com
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There are still a lot of proprietary formats for each machine. PES files
commonly used by Brother seems to be one that can be read by a lot of
machines. Also a lot of embroidery machines are able to read more than one
format now unlike they did in the past.
Like Tangwystl I digitize all my own images for my embroidery machine and
would be happy to do so for others in just about any machine format you can
think of.
My digitizing software also creates them in vector images for other
applications as well.


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On Aug 31, 2010, at 6:37 AM, Daria Riley wrote:

> Does anyone happen to have a Pelican in her Piety Digitized for machine
> embroidery?
> Was thinking we need a web page of sca digitized images for everyone to
> Any interest if I start one?
> Daria

I would be probably be willing to make space available for such an effort
within the Florilegium.

But is there a common interchange format for this kind of work which is
compatible with a sufficient number of different embroidery machines? When I
looked at this several years ago different embroidery machines used
different, proprietary, incompatible formats for their files. 

Years and years ago, back in the early 90s I was considering trying to
create a public domain repository for the many heraldic charges and
divisions. I thought it would be great to be able to sit down and translate
"Well, I'd like something with a clamshell with some red on it" into a
picture and then be able to make quick changes. "Well what if the background
was blue", "Can we have two shells?", "What if the background was divided
with one of those diagonal line thingies?", "I know, how about quills
instead of shells?" etc. Unfortunately at that time there were few common
formats between different computer platforms, and those that were, and were
inexpensive, were all bit-graphics based and not vector-graphics based, so
resizing was difficult and often produced ugly artwork.

Anyway, I'd be willing to donate space for either of these efforts, but I
can only give limited time for either since so much of my time already goes
into maintaining the rest of the Florilegium.


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