[Ansteorra] Target Archery Field Points Free To Good Home

Jasper captain_jasperc at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 8 11:11:56 PDT 2010

For all of the Target Archers of Ansteorra,
    I work in a warehouse and recently recieved a bundle of 19/64" 75GR. Field 
Points (manufactured by Carbon Express) by mistake. These came from China in a 
shipment of totally non-related merchandise, I have no doubt that somewhere 
along the line from there to here a carton was broken open and they had no way 
of knowing to what shipment they belonged so theyfound their way into my stuff. 
I myself do not shoot target archery at events and have no use for them. I will 
therefore give them away (all 72 of them) to any who want them. Please feel free 
to reply here or to me privately.

In Service
Jasper C.


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