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Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Thu Sep 9 09:07:17 PDT 2010

Givan Rede <givan-rede at suddenlink.net> wrote:
> I want to find out what devices had been done and what website do I
> look for? I want to make sure that I come up with some thing that
> will pass.

<http://herald.ansteorra.org/> and <http://heraldry.sca.org/> do point
to information on what has been registered, the rules to be followed,
and such.  But, frankly, there are a lot of rules and some can be
picky.  There are reasons for them, I hasten to add: for example, the
SCA doesn't count any difference for a small object held by an animal
because in period it was often considered an artistic detail,
sometimes depicted and sometimes omitted.

All that to say: I agree with Viviana and Aethelyan.  If you can get
help from experienced heralds instead, it may save you a lot of time
and save you from being hit by a rule coming out of sinister field.
(Unless you want to get into heraldry anyway, in which case, welcome,
new friend! [1])

But maybe someone out there can say "I'm not into heraldry, but I went
to the Ordinary and conflict-checked my own device and it passed".
I'd like to hear.

if your branch has a herald, they can be a good place to start.
Alternately, you might subscribe to the Ansteorran Heralds' list via
<http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/heralds-ansteorra.org> for a
short time, to ask about your design and get feedback.

You have to register a name with or before your device, and I don't
see "Givan Rede" up though the next-to-most-recent letter.  So might
be best to handle that first.  Besides, you don't _need_ a device, but
you do need a name.  Name heralds can help with that.

For devices, you might start by considering these questions and taking
your answers to your consulting herald(s).

- what your notions are of your preferred time period, location, or
   culture (or multiples if you haven't made up your mind).  We might
   be able to suggest things that are appropriate for that, or even
   things that scream "TUDOR!" or "SPANISH!".

- your favorite heraldic "metal" (yellow or white) and a couple of
   "colors" (black, red, blue, green, or purple (those last two were
   done but substantially less common)).

- any ideas you had for kinds of "charge", things to put on the

- do you have access to a good artist for whatever way you want to
   display it?  E.g., if you're a fighter, do you have a painter?
   There's a reason why my arms and current badge have only straight
   lines.  But if you have an artist: there are lots of sophisticated
   things done in period that are underused in the SCA.

(You could say "just give me something", but I've only had that once.)

Danet Lincoln

[1] Obscure reference to Web comic Something Positive, which makes me
the homocidal blue ghost teddy bear thing.

Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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