[Ansteorra] ISO: Cardweaving Loom - special/unique features required

Marthe Cole claryce at cox.net
Thu Sep 9 09:37:20 PDT 2010

Hi all,


I've finally decided that my back will not allow me to do my backstrap
cardweaving as I've always done in the past.  But since I'm used to
adjusting pressure frequently, I can't use a "standard" loom for my
extremely fine threadwork.  End result, I'm looking to have a loom built to
my specifications, with (perhaps) a quick release/reset lever so each pass I
can release the tension to flip the cards.  I don't want to have to pull and
redo the normal tension rod every time I turn the cards.that would get old
quick.  In addition, it needs to be out of the smoothest wood possible.
Dealing with the equivalent of sewing thread means that any rough edge can
catch and break the thread.


So I'm taking recommendations for merchants/individuals who would like to
take on this project.  


Please send me a separate email to avoid cluttering up the list.






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