[Ansteorra] New Lt. Generals

Zach Most clermont1348 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 11 09:05:28 PDT 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
  It's my honor to announce a new set of lt. generals for our army.  They are 
men selected for their prowess, intelligence, charisma and tactical skill.  It 
is my intent that fighting under their command will be intensely fun, victorious 
and bring glory to the sable star.  Please support them as you are able.

Lt General - Aethelmarc Expeditionary Forces
Centurion John of Severn

Lt. General (Northern)
Centurion Evangelos Thrakios

Lt. General (Central)
Centurion Fiacha the Blue

Lt. General, (Southern)
Centurion Uther Blackthorne

Lt. General (Coastal)
Centurion Michael of Gravesend

Our army has a web page set up during Caladin's tenure:
http://armyofheroes.wetpaint.com/   It should address questions you may have 
about how the army is structured.  It's a wiki, so you are able to edit it to 
correct or elaborate on information it contains, but please do so carefully.  
This is a document that helps us focus our army, so it means a great deal to me.
Fondest regards,
  Sir Gaston de Clermont, General of the Armies of Ansteorra


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