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  I need a little help please.

   On the historian Wiki at http://historian.ansteorra.org/wiki I have a
list of all the former Crowns of Ansteorra, as well as a list of our former
Star Principal Heralds.  I would like to have a list of all our previous
Great Officers.  I could dig through all the old Black stars I have and put
together a list but I don't have a complete set of Black Stars, and it would
take a while, and I'm a bit busy to get into it right now.  So I thought I
would ask for a bit of help here.
   I figured to start with the Seneschals.  Who have been the Seneschals of
Ansteorra, Kingdom and Principality?

I'll list what I have so far and anyone who want's to help can reply to this
message.  Thanks:

Robert Fitzmorgan
Kingdom Historian

Here is what I have so far,  When replying please trim everything above this
point to reduce clutter.


I know that Tessa was Principality Seneschal before becoming Princess.  Was
she followed by Kuberic?

>From the Decade of Dreams Book I have:

James Kuberic Spelldragon        Jan 1979  to March 1980
Frea Geardson                           Apr. 1980 to July 1981
Sigmund the Wingfooted            Aug. 1981 to Feb 1983
Lloyd von Eaker                         Feb 1983  to Aug 1983
Sigmund the Wingfooted           Aug. 1983  to Feb 1984
Hrothgar of Farley                   March 1984  to Feb 1985
Gerard MacEanruig                 March 1984  to Feb 1985
Emrys Shaunnan                     May 1986 to May 1987
Ariella Idarius                           June 1987 to Aug 1988
Galen of Bristol                         Sept 1988 to ?

After this I'm less sure of things

Bran de Tintreak                         ?  to  June 1991
Rhodri ap Gwythyr                       July 1991 to ?

Galen Kirkenbauer                      July 1993?

Frederick Von Sternwald              ?  to July 1994
Marie Drummond                          Aug 1994 to ?

Inman MacMoore

Artorius ap Caradoc.

Burke Kyriell  MacDonald

Richard Fairbourne

Clarissa di Firenze

Modius von Mergentheim.

Julia de Montoya

Phelim Gervase. (Pug)

Conal Alexandria O'Riordain.

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