[Ansteorra] Congratulations to our newest Steppes Artisan

Duncan Hepburn duncan at stormypetrel.org
Mon Sep 13 06:47:17 PDT 2010

On this past Saturday, 14 Artisans did vie for the honor of being named
Steppes Artisan. While the number of entrants was smaller than previous
Steppes Artisan competitions, I can assure everyone that the result was an
overall higher quality of entries. The level of expertise and display
overall made this year's decision much harder.

After consulting with the judges, Baroness Genevieve and myself selected
Honorable Lady Ekaterina Iadorovna Kharlampieva (known as Katya) to be our
first Artisan, based on
her incredible expertise as shown in her display in the arts of inkle
weaving, card weaving, kumihimo, lucet cord making, basketry, instrumental
music, temari balls, spinning, embroidery, and most of all a glowing
enthusiasm as she shared her knowledge. Katya has been a teacher and artisan
in our Barony for many years, and she is most deserving of our accolade.

With much joy,

Master Duncan and Mistress Genevieve
Baron and Baroness of the Steppes

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