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Greetings good gentles of Ansteorra.  It's only 180 days until it's
time to volunteer at Gulf Wars.  I will be working for Baroness Ancyra
again this year as the Volunteer Coordinator for Ansteorra. If you
have donations for the prize table there are several ways to get them
to Gulf Wars. First, I will be posting the events I will be attending,
you can find me and hand them to me. I will be in the kitchen this
weekend at Mooneschadowe's Triumph of the Eclipse. You can also give
them to someone who is going to an event that I will be at. But the
absolute best way is to bring them to the Volunteer Coordination Tent
as soon as you get to Gulf Wars. While you are dropping off your
donations you may as well sign up for a couple of hours and fill out
your paperwork for tracking your hours.

There were many questions about cut off times for turning in your
volunteer chits last year. Chits need to be turned in no later then 12
noon on Saturday to be counted for War Point and everything else. 12
noon until 2 on Saturday, chits are good for raffle tickets, prizes,
feathers, and group hours.  2 to 5 o'clock chits are good for prizes,
feathers and group hours.  After 5 there will be a box outside of
volunteer point where you can put your chits for group hours only. If
you put a chit in this box you will need to have filled out a
volunteer form ahead of time. Baroness Ancyra will pick up the box as
she is leaving site on Sunday.

War Point votes are cut off at noon on Saturday so that the War Point
can be announced at Great Court on Saturday. The best way to make sure
your votes count is to fill out a volunteer form as early as possible
and to sign up for some time. Turn in your chits early and often.  And
if you volunteer make sure you are given a chit for the time you


If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will do my
best to answer.

Happy Volunteering and Have a Good War,

Lady Elyssa de Orozco

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