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Hey..what did you do with Joviane?


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Greeting and salutations,

I have a great runic pendant made by H.L.Duncan (monkey boy) out of ivory.  He 
has donated it to the raffle to fund the new cornets at 3 commanders.  It is 
very nice and I would love to show you, but I can not get a picture in an email, 
and I know attachments do not work.  

Here is a list of other items that have been promised for the auction:

Stain glass piece from Mistress Myfawnwy,

Libations from Mistress Lucia

Tickets from the Baron's Men

Travel cornet from Mistress Jehan De Evan

painted 6 panel chest from Master Jovian Sklerros

Feast Gear from Mistress Melisenda de Barcelona

Embroidered map from Baroness Daria Riley

Other people who have offered donations include:
Sir Gaston
Master Pug
Sir Dietrich
H.L. Sabina (unfortunate wife of Sir Dietrich ;))
H.L. Timur Borte

I believe that I have left people off only because I am in a hurry to get to a 
class.  If I have left you off I am sorry I was in a hurry when I wrote this.  
Contact me and I so I can update the list.

I am the collector and organizer for the Southern Region.  If you would like to 
donate something, some funds, or some promissory note for a future something, I 
would love to help you do just that.  Please contact me at this email address 
deddy2 at austin.rr.com.
If you are not in the Southern Region, but would like to donate something, here 
are the other contact people.

Northern Region Coordinators: HE Adena Terricsdottir, 
Adena.terricsdottir at yahoo.com
                                             HE Adelaide de Bourbon, 
lyadelaide at hotmail.com

Central Region Coordinator : HE Elizabeta di Valore della, 
traci at crimsonvision.net

Southern Region Coordinator: Ld. Zacharria Ynez Balzon, DEDDY@@austin.rr.com

Coastal Region Coordinator: Hl Elanora Elizabeth Caley, medicfem at gmail.com

Thank you for your time!

Zacharria Ynez Balzon

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