[Ansteorra] Ffynnon Gath War of Ages Updates

Randy Nicholson rnicholson2 at gvtc.com
Tue Sep 14 13:05:57 PDT 2010

We have updated our website with some new information regarding the event
site; Sherwood Forest Faire.  In an effort to insure that everyone gets the
information please note these new additions:

Ground fires are no longer permitted on site.  No wood or charcoal fire pits
will be allowed.  Propane torches & heaters, fire pits or places that use
propane are allowed.  Tiki torches are allowed but please be very careful
with them.

These changes are being made because the faire site owners are being
gracious in allowing us to camp inside the faire grounds.  It is our job to
insure that we don't scorch those grounds, leave behind little burned wood
piles or anything else that might damage the site. 

Parking: No cars will be allowed into the faire village except for loading
and unloading.  All car traffic must stay on designated lanes.  We will be
strictly enforcing moving cars to the parking lot.  All of the activities
for the event will be taking place inside the village.  So we must ask that
cars be moved ASAP.

ACCEPS: Should be open and ready to go Wednesday September 15th.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.

Robert de Bray
War of Ages
Event Steward

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