[Ansteorra] Three Commander's - Broken Spit Tavern Menu

Daria Riley daria at brokenspit.com
Thu Sep 16 05:17:41 PDT 2010

Do you remember Three Queens last year? We do!

Look for us at the same location as last year, in the RV area (only place
with power for the COFFEE!)



(all served in bread bowl)


Breakfast Bowl ~ $5  (Saturday only)

Scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage over diced potatoes smothered in
country gravy


Viking Stew ~ $6

Beef and pork in gravy


Saxon Stew ~ $5

Smoked chicken in a savory sauce (gravy) 


Tuscan Chicken Salad ~ $5


Tuscan Pasta Salad ~ $5


Broccoli Cheese Soup ~ $5


As always we will have Broken Spit Mugs and Tankards for sale.

$3 mugs ~ $6 Tankards

Refills 75 cents mugs ~ $1.50 tankards


A selection of Coffee, Teas, and Hot Cocoa 

See above for broken spit mug prices & refills

In your cup ~ $1 

In foam cup ~ $1.50

Sodas and Bottled Water ~ $1


Fresh Baked Scones and Pound Cake will be availble Saturday and Sunday ~ $2

Look for us on the list field with Soft Pretzles for your Snacking Pleasure


Something new at theBroken  Spit - next door to us, vist BS Garb with
various shirts, coifs, and dresses.  


Hope to see you there,



Baroness Daria Riley

Web Minister ~ Stronghold of Hellsgate


Broken Spit Tavern



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