[Ansteorra] [Northkeep] A regional meeting at Mooneschadowe

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Thu Sep 16 16:31:14 PDT 2010

At 04:18 PM 9/16/2010, you wrote:

>I really like the Pegasus idea. No one is using it. It is important 
>for the houses of an area to keep the  Independence. I would want to 
>use the Caldal bull because it would blend us into the regions and 
>we are in other places as well.
>When the Black Star was the Stable Star and was the newsletter of 
>the Steppes it had a unique place but when it became the Black Star 
>it became the kingdom's.

Huh? I thought the newsletter of the Barony of the Steppes was called 
"The Steppesletter".

The newsletter of the Region of Ansteorra was called "The Black 
Star." Under our first Prince and Princess, Sean and Katarina, the 
name was changed to "The Sable Star" (as well as the spelling of the 
Principality being changed to "Ansteora".) Prince Randall and 
Princess Constance changed it back to "Black Star" and "Ansteorra" 
and it's been that way ever since.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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