[Ansteorra] [Northkeep] A regional meeting at Mooneschadowe

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Wasn't the Steppes newsletter called the Palantir for a while?

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> At 04:18 PM 9/16/2010, you wrote:
> >I really like the Pegasus idea. No one is using it. It is important 
> >for the houses of an area to keep the Independence. I would want to 
> >use the Caldal bull because it would blend us into the regions and 
> >we are in other places as well.
> >When the Black Star was the Stable Star and was the newsletter of 
> >the Steppes it had a unique place but when it became the Black Star 
> >it became the kingdom's.
> Huh? I thought the newsletter of the Barony of the Steppes was called 
> "The Steppesletter".
> The newsletter of the Region of Ansteorra was called "The Black 
> Star." Under our first Prince and Princess, Sean and Katarina, the 
> name was changed to "The Sable Star" (as well as the spelling of the 
> Principality being changed to "Ansteora".) Prince Randall and 
> Princess Constance changed it back to "Black Star" and "Ansteorra" 
> and it's been that way ever since.
> -Tivar Moondragon
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