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willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Thu Sep 16 15:12:17 PDT 2010

Hi Everyone.
First I would like to ask everyone's forgiveness for cross posting so much. I just want this to get to everyone so please pass this along by  word of mouth also.
I hope you all know I am sponsoring a "Dragon theme" contest at the Chen in Noir event at the end of this month. I have a "best of best" charger I have made with a Dragon on it as the main prize and Lady Sciely is making some beautiful dragon things and I have some very nice goblets and a other things for the "best" Prizes. 
I will be giving out prizes for best period dragon, best original dragon and any other best dragon I can think of and I have something to give as a prize. For example the best costume or costume related dragon theme costume thing. Best Dragon mask and Best Dragon pottery. Best Dragon food.  If you can relate it to Dragons I will accept it  into the contest.
I am also having a "Dragon hunt" which starts out with "the Quest" as all hunts should. The hunters will scout and look for dragons and the team that finds the "most" dragons will will the prize of leading the actually hunt and a bag of goodies. I am ask everyone to bring Dragon even if they are not taking part in the "Best of " contest and the hunters will reward the individual who has the most and nicest Dragons. So please put dragons in your campsite and site field pavilions and on your person. Buy, copy and make Dragons please. If I the money I would get one of those big kite dragons and swoop it down on all of you. I don't care if they are Chinese, European,or modern. I need dragons
I will also need some archers to bring down the beast and some dogs. All of my dogs (that means people who will be willing to play to be dogs) are either to old, or afraid of Dragons. If can be a dog or can bring trained "dragon" dogs please contact me. 
This is not a official children's event so all underage people must bring an official adult to take .part. I am not authorize as a children's Marshall.. I would request some of the official children's marshals to please come and help me 
. I will be offering s  prize  for the best  "dragon hunting" outfit. I have some small tokens to give for young people and  younger people and us "old" people. I am looking for creative and> within the spirit of the Ages.( I don't mine funny but you get more points> with me if it is period funny. For example on that site I posted about  Dragons  it shows a muti colored dragon. Dressing like that in a muti  colored tunic might be considered Dragon camouflage and I would find the witted and funny.)
Prizes will come from the Dragon horde. That  means they could be anything a dragon thinks is nice or just got. 
 Yours Duchess Willow de Wisp, Master of the Hunt

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