[Ansteorra] Judgment of Paris - reserve your lyst side space now!!

William Harper thebloodyharper at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 07:35:08 PDT 2010

Greetings and Salutations to the Gentiles of the Realm,

                October is almost upon us, and within that month, Athena,
Aphrodite and Hera will descend from their abode on Mt. Olympus and travel
to the Barony of Bjornsborg to judge the participants upon the lyst field,
searching for the virtues they hold close to their hearts.  They have asked
me (or threatened in some cases) to ask a boon of those planning to come and
bask in their glory.  If you wish to have a period pavilion placed at the
side of the lyst field, please contact me (thebloodyharper at gmail.com) with
the dimensions of your pavilion (including ropes and stakes) so we mere
mortals can assure the field will accommodate all who wish to attend.


Yours in service

William Harper




(okay, that's done.please put down the weapons now..please)

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