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Please forgive me about Black Star or Sable Star. I was confused then and I am still confused. I was left in the dust over Ansteorra or Ansteora or Ansteorrra. By the time I started to figure it out it was over. Who came up with the three r's. 
You know that during the time you build a group to a region and then a principality there are some sacrifices you have to make. The Ardoon was truly dedicated to getting us to principality status. In doing so they sort of lost themselves. That Caldal did the same thing along with many of the great households of the time. Instead of working on our individual household projects we took over the needed jobs of a region and then the principality. 
I didn't play in the Houston Area because of my breathing problems but I was very much involved with the I-35 growth. One of the nice things about starting from nothing is you don't have to wait for permission you just did things. Along 1-35 the great households just organized things and from what we did came the groups. At one point all the Great Households realized that if we ever wanted to become a principality and kingdom we would have to stop working on our households and put Ansteorra first. This was decided by many different people all over the region. the hard cold fact was we didn't have enough movers and shakers to keep every thing going at one time. 
I didn't take part in any of the big meetings. I stayed in the Steppes until Jonathan dragged me out but I did share the information that I had gotten from the Dark Horde.
When I was in Alabama and before there was a Meridis a Dark Horde recruiter tried to recruit Torgaeti for the Dark Horde but when he found out we were half of our group he told me and his Lady told me more that it was the policy to not take people out of groups where they represent at large amount of the officers. That small of a group couldn't maintain and support a Dark Horde household and they didn't want to hurt the small groups. In the past the household would live and the group would die. 
I have always been thankful to the Ardoon because they gave up everything to make Ansteorra. Individual Caldal members gave up a lot up we were an illusion and very loosely put together so it didn't destroy friendship or families., but the Households that made up the Ardoom all over the region of Ansteorra had a reality and they gave their identity away for a greater good. 
I was this sacrifice that gave Ansteorra it sense of purpose and national pride. We are a people because of them
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