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At 03:43 PM 9/18/2010, you wrote:

>Back in the really old days Aurelian had the Palantir which was the 
>only newletter I knew of in the area of Ansteorra that wasn't 
>Stargate.this was before we became "Ansteorra".

As I recall, there was also a newsletter called "Gesta" put out by 
some of the folks in Bjornsborg, and there was some discussion on 
whether *it* would become the regional newsletter.

>  She turned the Palintir into Sable Star after the meeting in 
> Austin where we got our name. and expanded it to cover the growing 
> region. It became the Region's newsletter and Steppes started the 
> Steppes letter.

I did some digging into our "old SCA newsletters" boxes. In the 
envelope labelled "Region/Principality of Ansteorra" we have quite a 
few copies of the "Black Star". The oldest is dated July AS 12 (which 
would have been 1977) it says "Newsletter for the region of 
Ansteorra, Lady Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm, Chronicler." Note that 
it's called "Black Star" not "Sable Star."

>What year did you join? Does anyone remember the year of the 
>Collegum that we decided on our name?

My first event was the Tournament of the Lost River in Bjornsborg, 
Thanksgiving weekend of AS 10 (1975.) I'm pretty sure the Collegium 
was in March of AS 11 (1977.)

>  Please forgive me about Black Star or Sable Star. I was confused 
> then and I am still confused. I was left in the dust over Ansteorra 
> or Ansteora or Ansteorrra. By the time I started to figure it out 
> it was over. Who came up with the three r's.

The region was originally called Ansteorra (Old English for "Lone 
Star"--this was before we had any groups in Oklahoma.) Our first 
Prince, Sir Sean, decided that he liked "Ansteora" better, so it was 
spelled that way for his reign. Prince Randall changed it back to 
Ansteorra, and there was a fair bit of joking that Prince Simonn 
would spell it "Ansteorrra".

If we'd kept up that tradition we'd now live in 

         -Tivar Moondragon 

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