[Ansteorra] Correction on newsletter note

Robert G. Ferrell rgferrell at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 15:25:21 PDT 2010

On 9/18/2010 4:44 PM, Chris Zakes wrote:
> At 03:43 PM 9/18/2010, you wrote:

> I did some digging into our "old SCA newsletters" boxes. In the envelope
> labelled "Region/Principality of Ansteorra" we have quite a few copies
> of the "Black Star". The oldest is dated July AS 12 (which would have
> been 1977) it says "Newsletter for the region of Ansteorra, Lady Leah
> Kasmira of Natterhelm, Chronicler." Note that it's called "Black Star"
> not "Sable Star."

I have a pretty extensive old newsletter collection, and in it I found
four issues of the "Sable Star."  They are dated Feb AS XII - May AS
XIII.  The Chronicler of the first three was Vyvian of Sherwood
(Bordermarch).  The disclaimer of the Feb issue refers to the "Black
Star," but the disclaimer of the other three issues calls it the "Sable
Star."  In the May issue the Chronicler has changed to Milo O'Shawlin of
Tara (Shadowlands).


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