[Ansteorra] Videos posted from Mooneschadowe Triumphe & Looking for YouTube quality suggestions

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Mon Sep 20 19:37:27 PDT 2010

Just FYI--videos have been posted of the fights and Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance competition on my YouTube account (kajiracamber).  Many congrats to HL Ahlanna a'Becket for her awesome performance and coming out as the winner for this year!  I have to say that the dancing this year was awesome and I don't know if it was the high humidity or the awesome music that helped bring it all up a level, but WOW!  (I am guessing the awesome band...)  Even though the video quality isn't excellent, you should check it out even to just hear the music.  Also congrats to Count Romanius for his win in the Mooneschadowe heavy weapons competition...(sorry, don't know what the official name is).

Speaking of quality of video uploads...anyone have any suggestions for YouTube to copy the videos better?  They are recorded in 1080p on high speed cards and look awesome on a 52" television, but on YouTube & Facebook it is very grainy...any suggestions?

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