[Ansteorra] Free for SCA only

James Crouchet james at crouchet.com
Fri Sep 24 21:59:32 PDT 2010

Wonderful presentation, not to be missed. We had so much fun!

The players have so many little details that really set the mood and
communicate with the audience. We all know the story but you will still get
caught up in Helena's plight, Titania's folly and Puck's mischief. You will
laugh and laugh and laugh. The players playing players were so good I almost
felt embarrassed for them.

Go! Just make the time and go!

Christian Dore

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 4:29 PM, Casey Weed <seoseaweed at gmail.com> wrote:

> Your troupe, The Baron's Men, are performing A Midsummer Night's Dream and
> tomorrow is FREE if you give the secret password: ANSTEORRA.
> We talk the SCA up to the new members of the troupe all the time and let
> them know that there is no audience like an SCA audience.  Come enjoy the
> play and tempt the new performers to come play the rest of the reenactment
> game!  Only you know how to play *with* us- hiss and whistle the villains,
> cheer the lovers, and for goodness sake, pelt Hanse with apple cores and
> refuse!
> Tomas of Tenby as the villain?
> Hanse Kleermaker with a prosthetic butt and horns?
> Sir Pendaren and Mistress Jehanne as great Greek heroes!
> Rene D'Amours as the ravaging lover of young women!
> Lord Nicolas as a bumbling stage manager!
> Fairies, both good and evil... magic and spells... a bit with a dog
> (starring Comet!)... a voracious lion... love victorious... sword
> fighting... broom fighting... cat fighting!!!!
> Be at the Curtain at 7:30 for good seats!
> www.thebaronsmen.org
> We'll be playing for the next four weeks but opening night is FREE for
> SCAers.
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