[Ansteorra] Thank you to the great folk who helped with the Roses' Rapier Tournament Breakfast

Michael Gunter dookgunthar at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 1 09:35:57 PDT 2011

This is a bit late but I really want to thank the wonderful people that helped with the Roses'
Rapier Championship Breakfast at Gulf Wars. It was a lot of work and everyone was totally
amazing and professional. We got some great comments from the people (one lady said that
the crepes we served were better than what she got in Montreal the week before) and made
a lot of folk happy. The final count was around 280 servings. Great job!
Baroness Katheryn Cunningham  
HL Adelaide de Beaumont
Christoph von Fugger (Please forgive lack of title because I couldn't find you in the OP)
HL Emma de Fetherstan
HL Oksana Goncharova 
Niki, Emma's daughter. (Who was upset that I couldn't make her work even more!)
Ly. Elisabeth Pendarvis
Ly. Genevieve de Lironcourt
Ly. Helene Delassene
Cent. Liam Gordon
Ld. Ioannes Dalassenos
And my amazing apprentice, Baroness Alys Duriavu.
A couple of wonderful out of kingdom gentles helped as well.
Baroness Katherine Von Weye from Gleann Abhann
Ld. William the Millwright from Atenveldt 
Every one of these people worked their tails off both before Gulf Wars and that day to make
this happen and Ansteorra look so good. They baked breads, made hundreds of crepes,
hauled stuff, setup, cleanup, arranged, prepped, chopped, carried, cooked, mixed and
did everything that was needed all the while looking good and elegant in the process.
Please thank them for the wonderful work they have given to Ansteorra, the Roses and
the rapier fighters.


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