[Ansteorra] Mack Cooper of Cooper's Lake Passed

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You also could have found Mac on his Gator with the mower attachment most days 
before Pennsic every year (at least the last 14 that I've been playing). Keeping 
the Cooper grass at a managable height was his chief duty during the summer.

BTW, Dave also has two sisters, Judy who runs the store and Cindy who is the 
merchant coordinator. In fact Judy is sometimes her mom's boss as you can often 
find Betty working in the store during Pennsic.
Katrina of York


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Greetings your grace,

Mack and Betty Cooper are the parents of Dave, Kenny and Al cooper. Dave is the 
current primary 

owner/operator of Coopers Lake Campground and has been for many years. Mack 
Cooper hadn't been 

involved in the day to day stuff in several years, but could be seen every 
summer with Betty 

passing through the campground on their golf cart. Several times they had 
stopped and watched 

our spring pole lathe and other things we were doing in camp.

In the early years, he was very instrumental in how Pennsic evolved, given it 
was basically his 

family business that was playing host.

It is sad, though not entirely unexpected to hear of his passing. He did indeed 
have a nice long 


I know that my laurel and grand laurel knew him much better than I did, having 
camped in his 

yard in the past if I recall correctly. My grand laurel, Mistress Morganna, has 
been involved in 

Pennsic Gate activities more years than I care to think about and worked closely 
with all of the 

various Coopers over the years.

I know many/most of the Coopers were made granted court baronies in the past, 
but don't recall 

if it was all of them or a subset. I could certainly consult the household 
memory storage and 

get a more detailed answer if anyone is interested.

In service,
Haraldr Bassi

... whose first war was PW12 and has only missed one Pennsic since PW21 (my 
second year in 

Ansteorra when we were so far under on our house we couldn't manage the expenses 
and it really 

really hurt to miss it).

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