[Ansteorra] Elfsea Defender

Daralynn Brittain elspeth013 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 4 14:49:03 PDT 2011


Elfsea Defender was a great event.

 I would like to thank the many people that made it a success:

(In No particular order)

Their Excellencies - for Their hard work, advice, support, quiet encouragement and laughter.

Master Caelin for being a very supportive Keystone Advisor.

set up crew - Sebastian, Adelaide, Genvieve(thanks for keeping me company on the drive down), and friends from Loch Ruadh, and many thanks to those that helped get the Baronial pavilion up after dark, when the winds finally died down.

Kalida - for making the wonderful Defender mugs.  They are not pass downs, but for our Defenders to keep..THANK YOU!!!

gate - Druinne and the many that helped greet everyone, and for taking gate completely down so we had one less pavilion to tear down  :)
Landed Luncheon - Thank you Aeryn for a beautiful luncheon.

Chirugeon in charge - Adelaide, thank you for being there when needed.

Fighter Support and hydration - Pyro and those that helped keep our fighters hydrated, nice job.  Caelin and his many travels to haul water to everyone, that was a chore in itself, thanks. Gerhart for helping keep the horses hydrated, hauling water, and being the eye of the storm...calm and peaceful :)

Germanicus and Co for a great Youth tournament, we had quite a few turn out and some great fighting.

Justinian Benintendi and Dana for site tokens!!!

The equestrian community - thank you, the horses were a wonderful addition, and fun to watch. Thank you for making the drive and encouraging all to meet the horses and interact with them.

It was a wonderful weekend, many thanks to Catrina for keeping me fed, watered and smiling, Adelaide and Genvieve for their help with the Baronial Pavilion, from shed load out to unloading the trailer on Sunday (which thanks to Cathal, Genvieve, Gerhart and Catrina we did in a record 15 minutes!!), it was a great weekend with many to help make it so.  I may have inadvertantly left out someone, please know that it was done unintentionally, there were so many hands helping....

Congratulations to the newest Defenders of Elfsea, including equestrian and youth.

My hope is that everyone attending had as much fun as I did.

In Service,

Lady Elspeth de Stervlen
Event Steward


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