[Ansteorra] Glaslyn Defender of the Flame

Colleen/Keally ldycolleenokelly at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 7 10:23:56 PDT 2011

I'm not sure if it is wrong or right for me to post this as the newest Defender of Elfsea but
I'm going to anyway.
To all the armored fighters who attended and fought at Elfsea this past weekend, I salute you.
The tournament was tough and competition fierce. Everyone who entered should hold their heads
up high and be proud of their accomplishment. It is a shame that there is only one "winner" to be
named at these things because everyone fought and competed like a champion. Especially those
who travelled from so far away. I can only hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed the 
hospitality of the Barony. Thank you for being there.
There were great incidents of chivalry and honor, especially while fighting unfamiliar weapon styles,
and hard brutal fighting. But I have to admit that it was a hell of a lot more fun than I expected. 
For those poor souls who missed it, the format was as follows:
Five 30 minute bearpits, each featuring a different weapon style.
1st round: Sword and shield.
2nd round: Single sword.
3rd round: Two-weapon
4th round: Six foot spear
5th round: Five foot axe
The top four scorers (who also needed at least one win in every category) then fought out
a single elim best-two-out-of-three semi and Final. 
The final four were Centurion Lucius, Baron Sir Tomas, Sir Ysfael and me. With the Finals being
Sir Ysfael and me. I was lucky enough to manage to take the first point but in the second I threw
a shot wrong and blew out my right arm. I wasn't able to continue and granted Sir Ysfael the match.
Sir Ysfael was exceptionally gracious and deemed that since I could not continue he would give me
the point and victory. This is what the Society is based on. Honor and Grace over winning. He is a 
true Knight of Ansteorra.
And every other fighter out there who kept walking on that field, exhausted and bruised, are living
examples of why we do this. I salute you all. 
And the rest of you who missed it this year need to come to the next one because it's a hell of a lot
of fun.

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