[Ansteorra] If you have an original scroll on your wall, this message is for you

Duncan Hepburn duncan at stormypetrel.org
Tue Apr 5 13:52:12 PDT 2011

This is not the typical call I would be making for scrolls. This call is
not for the scribes who make them, but instead for the peers, nobles,
and other gentles who have received at some point an original piece of
art in the form of an award scroll.

So, you have this awesome piece of art on your wall, lovingly created by
a talented scribe, to whom you owe a great debt of gratitude. But alas,
because it rests on a a wall in your home, only a few select guests get
the chance to see this amazing work.

How can you show your pride in your award and allow a greater audience
to the award scroll? Well, if you happen to be going to Coronation this
spring, I can help you out. I have arranged for table space for the
display of original award scrolls specifically to try to show the
kingdom that we have some amazing artists whose work doesn't reach the
audience it could, due to it's personal nature.

So if you can manage it, please pack that scroll along with your fine
court garb and bring it with you to Coronation, and leave it in my care
to be on display for the day. As Star Signet Herald, I believe that in a
way the spectacular artwork that our College of Scribes produces is a
treasure of the kingdom, so what better day than a Coronation to show of
that which has enriched our kingdom so.

Please contact me privately if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time.

Duncan Hepburn
Star Signet Herald

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