[Ansteorra] Bardic Challenge at Stargate/Lock

Genie Barrett maggegene at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 15:09:27 PDT 2011

Unto all Scalds, Bards, Tale-spinners, Court Poets and other performers,
do I, Magge MacPherson send greetings.

It is recorded that the Troubadours challenged each other with ideas
and subjects of composition, often performing the results in the same
day as the challenge.

As Bard of Stargate, I will be presenting a performance challenge at
this weekend's Investiture.

Just after morning court, find me.  I will have three books of period
tales.  From those books, I challenge you to find a story you do not
already know.  Read it, and from that story create a performance that
you will present later in the day.  Your performance can be story,
poetry, song, or any other venue, as long as it is original and based
on your story.

What tales, you ask?  I have books full of Celtic, Norse, and Chinese
myths and legends.  Find me quickly, as I will not allow anyone to
repeat a story.

This is not a competition, but a challenge, and favorites will be
chosen by the audience.  After these performances, the group will be
opened up for free bardic until half an hour before court, as long as
there is time.

Come, share your ideas and talent with us all, and recreate history as you do.

In service,
Magge MacPherson
Stargate Bard

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