[Ansteorra] Historical Display - Stargate - Loch Soillier Combined Baronial Championships and Stargate Baronial Investiture

katherine watson katherin.watson at att.net
Wed Apr 6 20:09:55 PDT 2011

Good Lords, Ladies and Good Gentles of Ansteorra and the Barony of Stargate,

I will be presenting a Stargate Historical Display at the Stargate/ Loch 
Soillier  Championships on April 9, 2011 ( this weekend). The theme will be the 
Lineage of the Baronage from the first Baron and Baroness to the present Baron 
Ihon Vinson MacFergus and  Baroness Isabeau Quiquandon to their successors,  
Master Robert MacPharland and Baroness Simone Valery la Rousse. 

Please good gentles of Ansteorra Stargate, if you are coming to our event, I 
need stories, photos and artifacts, that you can share about the Barons and 
Baronesses of Stargate that you know or have known through out the history of 
the Barony of Stargate. Loan me as much as you can and I will take good care of 
them and return them to you in good condition.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours in Service,
Lady Caitilin inghean Ronain ui Cheallaigh
Historian, Barony of Stargate

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