[Ansteorra] Cup de Charney

Jean Paul de Sens jeanpauldesens at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 06:18:25 PDT 2011

With the permission of their Royal Majesties Ulstead and Ebergardis, and
their Royal Highnesses Lochlan and Gwen, we will be having the Cup de
Charney competition again this year for the armoured combatants in our
kingdom.  The rules will be the same as last year, and I will include them
below.  Scoring for the cup actually began last weekend at Eflsea, and will
run through November.

One of the greatest knights of the Middle Ages, Geoffroi de Charney, wrote

"Qui plus fait, miex vault."

Approximately translated, it means "He who does more is of greater worth."
 Those words of Charny have always inspired me to try to always do as much
as possible, and as well as possible.

My challenge to the armoured combatants of Ansteorra is simple:  Prove that
you are the heir to his ideals.  Do More.  Once more I am sponsoring a grand
challenge, that will encompass every tournament held at every event
beginning with Elfsea Defender in April, and ending with the weekend of
Seawinds Defender in October.  The competition is open to every combatant
except for sitting royalty, from newest man-at-arms to the most grizzled
knight.  All may contend.  For every armoured tournament that you enter, you
will receive points based upon how well you do.  The better you do, the more
points you'll accrue.  The more tournaments you fight in, the more points
you will accrue.  If there are 3 tournaments at an event that weekend, and
the list mistress gets the scores to our scorekeepers, you'll get points for
all 3 tournaments.

Exact details of the scoring will be posted on a website later this weekend,
and as the competition progresses, we will be updating the scores on our
website each week, so all can see who the current leaders are.

At the coronation of in November, the winner will be announced. The Cup de
Charney will be handed off from Sir Ysfael, the current holder to the
next.They will be allowed to keep the Cup for a full year, until the
completion of the next years competition.

Comte Jean Paul de Sens

Qui mieux fait, mieux vault.

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