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... to see if any painted award charters fall out! Check under your beds and
behind your ears!

Been stockpiling painted charters until the right time to turn them in? The
time has never been better.

With spring event season kicking into high gear, we are once again seeing a
need for completed charters for use by the Crown to bestow upon worthy
individuals at their Royal Courts.

In particular right now, I would say that we are most critically low on:

- Sable Talons
- Rising Stars
- Centurions

and could use a few more:

- Arc d'Or
- Queen's Rapiers

though (and I really mean it) any and all painted charters are welcome!

Please pass this word on to your local scribal guilds.

If you:

- don't have a local scribal guild
- don't know how to find one
- are interested in starting one

please contact me or your regional scribal officer.

Completed charters can be handed in:

- to any local, regional, or kingdom scribal officer
- to the Royal herald, scribe, or entourage

Thanks for all that you do to make this kingdom great!


Baron Duncan Hepburn, OL WSA
Star Signet Herald
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