[Ansteorra] Guardian of the Tor April 29- May 1

keith jefferson scubadoo03 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 12 11:03:21 PDT 2011

Unto the populace of Ansteorra I, Lord Guyon Dupre Champion of Dragons Fire Tor, do send you greetings and a message. April 29th to May 1 is the 20th Guardian of the Tor tourney. I am sending out a challenge to all of the rapier community. Tired of the same ole 4 hour bear pits? Are they not devious and dastardly enough for you? I have spent the whole year plotting and conspiring against you all! Come out and see what the warped mind of the current champion has come up with. The plot is so wicked that even I cant bare to defend my title as champion, or to speak anymore of it. Do you think you have the stomach to muster what it takes to win? Well.... do you? Really? Are you sure? Come out and test out your metal! And the skilled fight that emerges victorious will have earned the right to wear the most stunning regalia in the known world

In service

Ld Guyon Dupre

P.S. I will need a written promise from all heirs that no revenge will be taken against me or my family, or the Baron and Baroness in case a loved one becomes missing or injured during the tourney. I hate it when children have to avenge their parents death. The unnecessary blood shed... paper work... repayment to the crown.  

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