[Ansteorra] LOST & FOUND from Stargate/Loch Soilleir Baronial

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 12 18:35:04 PDT 2011

The following items were left behind at the Stargate/Loch Soilleir Joint 
Baronial Event.  If you were there and think one or more of these items may be 
yours, please contact me to make arrangements to retrieve them.

1. 16-inch round metal buckler, has some rusting to it.
2. 25-inch radius, half-circle cape, grey/black; looks like a rapier fighter's.
3. Red and black lozengy jester's hat with bells.
4. Brown leather belt, w/ knotted celtic beastie design stamped in the leather, 
w/ silver O-ring.
5. Black and white plaid, hooded cloak w/ hook & eye closure.
6. One brown wooden (guessing) hair stick with leaf charm.
7. Sterlite clear plastic container w/ white top containing loose, empty zip 
lock bags
8. Wooden feast bowl, 6-inch diameter.
9. Wooden feast spoon.
10. Olympus camera lens hood LH-61B.
11. Yellow fabric belt with yellow tassled strips and metal coins.
12. Black ceramic feast bowl, 5.75-inch diameter.
13. Blue (well used) skull cap
14. Polarized sunglasses, no brand name visible.
15. Metal tankard w/ two stone encrusted brass rings around the circumference, 
brass handle w/ celtic design
16. Metal goblet (pewter-like), 7-inches tall, no adornments.
17. Small plastic bag containing 5 brass loops with beads, and a nice silver 
decorative pin w/ black center stone.
18. Plastic bag w/ label from "Cheep Trims" containing "Metallic Venise 
Applique-Gold" trim.
19. Unadorned pewter-like plate
20. Small, amber colored votive candle holder, with one unburned candle.
21. Small, well-used candle in glass holder, vanilla scented.
22. Two small candles in glass cups, one used, one not, appear to match
23. One Champion pin given to Ihon & Isabeau's past champions, pin back 
missing/broken off.
24. Blue folding, nylon camping chair, no bag.
25. Green, white, black, Mexican blanket.
26. A Samuel Adams cardboard box filled with small propane cannisters, 2 propane 
lamps to attach to the cannisters, an all purpose wand-type lighter and a black 
hose with brass couplings to be used with a larger propane tank.  

27. A black mesh drawstring bag containing some large "hacky sack" type of balls 
(red, white, black with a cross hatch pattern on them) and a tiny white ball 
(could be a Bocce-type game).
28. A black plastic pancake flipper spatula.
29. A pair of metal serving tongs.

Alden Drake

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