[Ansteorra] OT (but heraldic): the Middleton arms

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Tue Apr 19 11:43:09 PDT 2011

ROFL  Thank you!  I needed that.

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On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 05:50:56PM -0500, Thomas Smith wrote:
> An interesting point.  There are some dances that have a certain risk
> of collision (Trenchmore, Heralds in Love...).  Perhaps an
> authorization system could avoid dance-related injuries.

With, of course, a system of Marshals of various sorts, in a structure
running all the way up to Corporate levels. 

I can see it now ...

"Hold! Hold, I said! 

 Your Excellency, Your Grace, the steps called for in measure 14 are two
 half-steps, not a full step and a pause.

 Lay on!"

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