[Ansteorra] Heather Dale Texas Concerts!

Robert G. Ferrell rgferrell at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 10:24:52 PDT 2011

Joke "dance authorization cards" have been floating around various
regions of the SCA for *ages*. (And, yes, bardic cards have also been
made -- http://www.no-gorsedd.com/about.html#AboutAboutUs .) While the
cards are in jest, dance injuries are serious business. Evening dance
at Gulf Wars is such a mosh pit that I know several dancers who have
stopped attending. About five years ago (when I was still plugged into
such info) dance was the second most dangerous thing the society did.
[Food-related issues were first (think cuts, burns, food poisoning,
allergic reactions, etc.).] I think part of the problem with dance is
very few people bother to warm up first ("it's just dance") because
they don't see it as exercise or sport. Add to that tripping while
dancing on uneven or slippery surfaces, mosh pit like behavior, etc.
and you have a recipe for injuries. I have a permanent dance-related
injury that needs regular maintenance or walking becomes extremely


If you've struck a knife into someone's back, have the good taste not
to report him to the police for unlawful possession of a weapon.  --
Maria Luisa Spaziani (1924-  )

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