[Ansteorra] I wonder if we need Dance Authorization cards

Lady Alexandra Scott xndra_scott at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 13 12:24:11 PDT 2011

Greetings unto my homeland, Ansteorra from Alexandra Scott de Northumberland ~

I appreciate Stefan sharing the Dance Authorization Card.  :)  

And thank you to M'Lady AEla for reading the web site and acknowledging that it 
is for encouragement.  By another note, I never really thought about needing to 
shield myself from a dance mishap.  I have had my share of stomped toes, etc.  
It comes with the fun.

FYI - 
	1. Yes, it is for encouraging and promoting dance in Atlantia.
	2. No, it is not required. 
	3. No, it is not proficiency in any and/or all dance forms. 
	4. Yes, it was taken from a joke in Trimaris.  
	5. Yes, I am a dancer and a teacher in real life as well as the SCA.
	6. There are no costs, no lists to maintain (I donate the cards).
	7. It is for promotional purposes only.
	8. And for those who flaunt it, it is proof that they"tried it and have 
demonstrated the courtly art of dance.
	9. It has been accepted with a light heart and is supported by the Academie of 
Dance and the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.
	10. On a more serious note, it IS dedicated to a Dance Laurel, Duchess Aislinn 
Schattenwald, who is no longer with us.  She always asked the Squires to dance.  
May her memory live in our dances.

Alexandra Scott de Northumberland

Argent, a stag statant and on a chief azure an increscent between two mullets of 
six points Or

Haus Von Rothenburg
Aire Faucon, Sacred Stone, ATLANTIA

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