[Ansteorra] Raffle at Coronation

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Thu Apr 21 11:08:36 PDT 2011

At 02:46 AM 4/14/2011, you wrote:

>Hehehe Where is the "Like" button in the email when you need it?
>Seriously though, Im just curious on exactly Who would have the 
>authority to Authorize our use of sword in Middle Eastern dance. 
>Does that denote a new "weapon style" perhaps? And since I use two 
>do I have to be authorized for Case?

Since dance falls under A&S, it'd probably be Don Corvin, the Deputy 
for Historic Combat. And since Ansteorra uses a "one size fits all" 
authorization, you wouldn't need a separate case authorization.

         -Tivar Moondragon 

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