[Ansteorra] How to get to do things in the sca long

Minister of Children moc at seneschal.ansteorra.org
Sat Apr 16 08:26:01 PDT 2011

Greetings Ansteorra!

Your Grace and Arthur have very good points. There is one office out there
that ALWAYS needs someone. This office is usually vacant. It is fun but
involves some work. This is the office of the Minister of Children. Since I
took over as Kingdom MoC, I have only filled a couple of offices. We have
under 10 MoCs in the Kingdom. This is a great office for a newcomer. All it
requires is SCA membership and a background check. Reports are done
quarterly. And I will send you a box full of goodies to help you out.  I am
here as a mentor and guide.

Another area where newcomers can help is with the Ansteorran Page School. It
is in the planning process now. It will be officially unveiled at Round
Table. We are in desperate need of volunteers. We need people to edit the
handbooks, make badges, paint scrolls, keep databases, print packets, and
all sorts of other administrative stuff. The youth of this kingdom need
guidance. We desperately need people to serve as mentors for our wonderful

If there is anyone who would like to lend a helping hand with this rewarding
endeavor, please let me know. You may email me off list at
moc at seneschal.ansteorra.org. You may also visit our website at

In Service to Ansteorra's Youth,

Lady Cait O'Hara, CRA
Kingdom MoC, Ansteorra

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