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Dear Arthur
Thank you, thank you for your input. I tried very hard to explain that the people who are keeping many of our groups are not a evil power group, but a very, very busy bunch of people. they are under staff and are getting tired. 
They are like the White Rabbit in "Alice in wonderland". They can't talk or stop because "they are "late for a very important date". 
I want to apologize to our hard workings members who are keeping the activities and events and groups alive. Thank you for your work. I dd not want to insult you for doing "politics" or being political. 
I believe that any group of people who makes decisions about what we are doing and make sure that things get done and decide who does them is a "power" group and they do "politics". "Politics"is the act of making decisions and working with people.  
Many people believe that the process of getting to  be part of the group that makes decisions is "politics", but the interaction of human beings is the real heart of politics. The fact that our groups function so well means all of you are doing your brand of "politics" very well and are making people happy.  
What Arthur described with the Archery is what I was trying to tell the people about. He saw an opening and a need and started on his own to create an archery community in his area. The kingdom had created the office and therefore a need was created in the group. he could jump into it. When people saw how capable he was he  became the group's senechal. 
Archery is one of the open spots for new people to join in. A lot of the newcomers are in that field. According to many of the reports on how to recruit people to your groups, having a perceived need is a great way to recruit and keep people. 
Why do we need to recruit? I know a lot of you are comfortable with your communities just as they are, but I would like you to look 5 years down the line. Do you want to be doing all the jobs when your back hurts and your knees give out? Many of our leaders are in their 50's and they won't want to run everything in 5 to 7 years.
 I know many of us do not want to face that we are getting older but I can tell you from experience lugging and hauling becomes a drag after a while. The tedium of office holding also becomes "real" work after many years. There will be a time in your SCA career where you need to look at having fun. You need to develop new interest and expand yourself. I also know you are very responsible and do not want to give up your role in the community without someone being there to to take your place. 
It takes about 5 years to get a person up to the point that they have the skills to handle many of the formal and informal our current "power" groups are doing. I am not talking about followers. I am talking about true leaders and organizers. 
We must recruit now to get the people we will need in the next 10 years if the SCA is going to flourish. 
Duchess Willow de Wisp
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