[Ansteorra] Camping & Combat at Battlemoor II: Outlands 25th Year

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Tue Apr 19 18:12:49 PDT 2011

Battlemoor:  Outlands 25th Year! 
We  have scouted and secured beautiful additional camp land that lies to  
the East of the Town Hall area! Gorgeous tall ponderosas and shady,  wind 
protected camp spaces abound.  The Town Hall area will remain the  same, but 
there is now double the room for camping in the trees.  Hooray!    
Camp  space requests for groups should be addressed to Lady Beatrice 
_silentmyrth at yahoo.com_ (mailto:silentmyrth at yahoo.com)   Please put together the 
number of  campers/tents and keep in mind that smaller tents fit into the 
trees much better  than huge marquis styles of tents. 
For  the warriors among you, there will be plenty of fighting, both heavy 
weapons and  rapier. Heavy weapons tournaments will be in the morning with 
rapier tournaments  in the afternoon. Conversely, heavy weapons melees will be 
in the afternoon and  rapier melees in the morning.  
Please  see the web site _www.Battlemoor.org_ (http://www.battlemoor.org/)  
for  details. 
Gate  will open at noon Wednesday the 29th of June. Battlemoor formally 
ends  Monday the 4th of July at noon. 
Pre-registration  is now open via ACCEPS: there is a link on the Battlemoor 
web page or you may go  directly to the ACCEPS site  
Please  visit our website often for updates, directions, activities and 
contact emails.   
_www.Battlemoor.org_ (http://www.battlemoor.org/)  
Looking  forward to seeing you there! 
Battlemoor  II Autocrat Staff 
***Please  forward as appropriate***

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