[Ansteorra] Barony of Northkeep Castellan

Rick Drake ainarm at cox.net
Fri Apr 22 07:15:10 PDT 2011

Greetings Ansteorra,

I would like to announce to all that the Barony of Northkeep will once again
be hosting its Castellan event .  Come one and all to test your skills in
all fields.  Do you have the overall skill to become the Castellan of
Northkeep?  You must prevail over all other Castellan competitors in at
least 3 of our events, only 2 of which can be martial.  Come fight in our
chivalric tournament where your ability to kill your opponent quickly and
your endurance will be tested.  Our rapier marshal has devised a tournament
that will be enjoyed by all.  Our A&S competition uses the Kingdom judging
forms, so at least minimal documentation covering where, when, how will be
required.  This does not need to be a research paper, however those are
welcome also since there is a category for them. There will be a separate
area provided for the performers who wish to compete in A&S.  We do
encourage all to come and show off their wonderful skills.  The bardic
competition will be held on Saturday this year and not Friday.  It will
start at 2PM and allowances will be made to ensure people competing in other
events have an opportunity to perform.  Remember that, for the finals, the
top three will be given an hour to compose an original piece on a theme
provided at the competition.  A thrown weapons competiton and an archery
competition will take place as well.  Northkeep has chosen to take up the
gauntlet thrown down by HE Sir Jean Paul and hold a combat archery
competition too.  

Children's activities will take place throughout the day so bring the whole
family and enjoy the event.  There is a children's A&S competition.  No
documentation is required for that event, but it is encouraged.

A feast will be provided by Dona Teresa Maria Giovoni.  If you have had the
opportunity to partake of her feasts in the past you know this means that
the food will be wonderful.  If you have not, then now is your chance. 

Please forward this to Adlersruhe's mailing list, I did not see an address
for them.  And feel free to forward to any other list that you would like. 

Thank you.

Your event stewards,

Ainar Magnusson

Thorvald Egilson


Site opens 5:00 PM Friday


Chivalric Armor inspection begins 9AM

Children's activities open 9AM

Morning court 10AM

Archery begins after morning court

Chivalric tournament 11AM

Thrown Weapons 12PM

A&S judging begins 12PM

Fun archery shoot begins after lunch

Rapier 1PM

Bardic 2PM

Baronesses Archery shoot 2PM

Childrens Court 4:30 PM (at their Excellencies convenience)

Feast 6PM

Site closes 12 PM Sunday


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