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Forwarding on behalf of Faolin, Archery Defender IV.


Please come out to Defender of the Roses and enjoy the archery tournament.
It will be challenging and fun!




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Greetings Ansteorran archers! I have a fun and challenging tournament
planned for those of you who will be attending Defenders of the Rose. Be
prepared to have your accuracy, precision, and speed put to the test.


The format will be as follows:


6 qualifying shoots: wreath shoot, timed window shoot, string shoot,
clout/long distance shoot, and two combat archery shoots (no armor required)

The finals will be between the top 4 archers from the qualifying shoots.
They will be head-to-head target archery matches.


If you have no combat archery gear of your own, make sure to arrange to
borrow some! Any combat archers willing to loan equipment at the tournament
will have my thanks. 


Thank you,

Faolán mac Cairbre, 4th Archery Defender of the Rose

P.S.: if someone could post this to the Ansteorran list, that would be

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