[Ansteorra] Calling all Merchants for Steppes Warlord 2011

Hellsgate Web Minister daria at hellsgate-sca.org
Mon Apr 25 12:06:29 PDT 2011

I will have feast gear ( hand thrown pottery) some garb, & some circlets,
coronets for sale

Baroness Daria Riley
Hellsgate Web Minister

All the cool people will be at the Salado Demo. Are you cool?

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Greetings, load up and come out and play with us in Canton, Texas for
Steppes Warlord 2011.  We still have a few indoor spaces available.  The
outside merchant area is tree shaded. Please let me know what size of tent
you are bringing and the rope boundries surrounding the outside of your
tent, i.e. how much more space will the ropes take than the tent.  I will be
on site   Thrusday night  thru Saturdy Night.  The showers are located near
by.  If you are a musician and want to play please contact the steward and
me to see about performance times and booth space, we do have a performance
stage in the area.  Hopefully no one will camp upon it this year.    Please
visit our facebook page
ffG244e065G7&bcode=KjjGryIO&n_m=jwtopp%40peoplepc.com> Steppes Warlord and
Royal Huntsman and our web page for more details
http://steppes.ansteorra.org/warlord .  

Please send me a list of what you will bring and the theme this year is
courtly love.  Red and White colors prevail.  Please let me know if you have
special needs, we want to accommodate everyone.

Thank you

In your service

Lady Maeve Dianotto

Janie Topp

Merchant Coordiator for Steppes Warlord 2011

jwtopp at peoplepc.com


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