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December 2011 (A.S. XLVI)
2-4 Wiesenfeuer Yule Revel - Wiesenfeuer (OKC, OK) *PED* RP
Stargate Yule - Stargate (Houston, TX)
9-11 Dragonsfire Tor Yule Revel - Dragonsfire Tor (Stephenville, TX)
23-25 (Sunday 25th, Christmas Day)
30-1 (Sunday 1st, New Year's Day)

January 2012 (A.S. XLVI)
 	Spring Coronation/King's Champion Bids Due
 	Spring Queen's Champion Bids Due
	Spring Royal Lancer Bids Due
6-8 Steppes 12th Night and Kingdom Eisteddfod - Steppes (Dallas, TX) RP
13-15 Crown Tournament - Seawinds (Corpus Christi, TX) RP, CC
20-22 King's Round Table - Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX) RP
27-29 Winterkingdom - Northkeep (Tulsa, OK)

February 2012 (A.S. XLVI)
	Royal Huntsman Bids Due
	King's College Bids Due
3-5 Candlemas - Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX) *PED* RP, PC
10-12 Kingdom A&S - Eldern Hills (Lawton, OK) RP, LC
17-19 Provincial Games - Mooneschadowe (Stillwater, OK)
Bjornsborg Academy of Defense - Bjornsborg (San Antonio, TX) RP
Presidents' Day Weekend
24-26 Bonwicke's Artisan and XXX Anniversary - Bonwicke (Lubbock, TX) RP

March 2012 (A.S. XLVI)
	Summer Crown Tourney Bids Due (Central/Northern)
	Summer Round Table Bids Due
9-11 Out of Kingdom: Gulf War XXI (11th - 18th) - Gleann Abhann RP, CSSC
16-18 Out of Kingdom: Gulf War XXI (11th - 18th) - Gleann Abhann RP
30-1 Elfsea Defender - Elfsea (Fort Worth, TX) RP, CC, WSC

April 2012 (A.S. XLVI)
6-8 Glaslyn Defender of the Flame - Glaslyn (Denton, TX)
Easter Weekend
13-15 Stargate Baronial Championship - Stargate (Houston, TX) *PED* RP
Wiesenfeuer Baronial - Wiesenfeuer (Oklahoma City, OK)
20-22 Coronation/King's Champion - TBD RP
27-29 Queen's Champion - TBD

May 2012 (A.S. XLVII)
	Laurel's Prize Tourney/Fall Arts Bids Due
4-6 Loch Soillier Baronial Championship - Loch Soilleir (Clear Lake, TX) *PED*
Castellan - Northkeep (Tulsa, OK) *PED*
11-13 Guardian of the Tor XXI - Dragonsfire Tor (Stephenville, TX)
18-20 Eldern XXXIV - Eldern Hills (Lawton, OK)
25-27 Steppes Warlord - Steppes (Dallas, TX) *PED*
Memorial Day Weekend

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