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Thanks to those sharing this history with all of us. What wonderful times
to hear of! Has anyone said what year this was?

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> Zubeydah asked:
> >Does anyone know if there exists a photograph of the six of them together?
> There are almost undoubtedly no pictures of the first court - it was a
> badly lit court on a dark night. (Of course, the king himself was also a
> dark knight....)
> They called our six names, we went up in court, and then they read the
> constitution of a new order, which had not been announced in advance. The
> result is that we knew we were Centurions at the same moment that we
> learned the Order of the Centurions existed. (I have occasionally shocked
> people by saying, truthfully, that I never wanted to become a Centurion.
> But that's only because it was impossible to do so; I am quite proud to be
> one.)
> The original cloaks were made by Treschen and presented by Treschen and
> Talan to the Order. There were more than six members then, though.  There
> might be pictures of that court, but most cameras then were still film, so
> there's probably not a digital copy available.
> My original cloak was passed down to Miguel de Oporto, the second
> Centurion/Don. He later gave me a replacement, onto which Serena sewed a
> Lion clasp, thinking I wouldn't be able to give it away. But Ansteorra has
> no want of great heroes. I passed it on to Robert MacPharland, the third
> Centurion/Don/Lion. (That's why I don't have a cloak now.)
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
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