[Ansteorra] Playing with horses

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Fri Dec 2 05:52:26 PST 2011

I would be interested.

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I'd love to, but I don't even have enough time to get to all the fencing
practices I want to. There's no way I'd be able to add a second one.
Best of luck, though. If one gets going, I may see about coming out
sometime if my schedule allows it.


-- AvM

I'm just putting this out to everyone to see if there is any real interest.
> How many people in the central/north region would be interested in regular
> equestrian practice? You don't need a horse, we have several to use, but of
> course you can always bring your own. What I want to know is how many
> people would like to learn to ride and play in EQ games.
> --
> YiS, Faelan Caimbeul

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