[Ansteorra] WMA/HEMA Open Singlestick Tournament, 02/18 Galveston (non-SCA)

Hal Siegel therion at therionarms.com
Mon Dec 5 19:00:17 PST 2011

Western Martial Arts/Historical European Martial Arts: non-SCA, but may be 
of interest to Ansteorran fighters and fencers -

Texas Assault 2012 Open Singlestick Tournament -- Galveston, Texas
February 18th 9:30am-4pm


The first open singlestick tournament in the Gulf Coast Area.

Sword and Stick enthusiasts can come together to compete in a friendly 
tournament format. We are inviting Sport Fencers, Escrima/Kali Stick 
Fighters, Western Martial Arts, Asian Martial Arts, SCA fighters/fencers, 
and Stage Combatants.

The tournament will follow English country singlestick rules from the late 
17th century.

Weapons will be provided -  3/4" x 41" rattan with leather baskethilt.

The head is the only target. Offhand can check the opponents basket or 
sword arm. Obvious blocking with the offhand will count as a hit. There 
will be an afterblow rule - this means that within a fencing time, if the 
counterattack lands, it will count as a double hit.  This will encourage 
fencers to defend themselves immediate after an attack. No grappling, no 

Equipment will be provided to anyone who needs it (see website for 
protective equipment requirements). Based on current numbers fencers are 
guaranteed at least 6 bouts.

Sponsored by Purpleheart Armoury

For further information and registration, see:

email contact:
texas.assault at sbcglobal.net

pdf flyer with the above information: 

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