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St Nicholas day is Dec. 6 and he was a favorite saint for his good works. As Medieval People we would know his works from stories told and by the artwork on the walls of churches. Most of the art work was taken from a  book called "The Golden Legend". Printed in 1260's it was a best seller. Right or wrong the information provided by this book is what we non clerical people is what we would believe. The reformation dismissed the book as "popish" nonsense. 
This is a story about St. Nickolas miracles.
There was a rich man that by the merits of Saint Nicholas had a son, and called him: Deus dedit, God gave. And this rich man did do make a chapel of Saint Nicholas in his dwellingplace; and did do hallow every year the feast of Saint Nicholas. 
And some say that this child was of Normandy, and went oversea, and was taken by the sowdan, which made him oft to be beaten tofore him. And as he was beaten on a Saint Nicholas day, and was after set in prison, he prayed to Saint Nicholas as well for his beating that he suffered, as for the great joy that he was wont to have on that day of Saint Nicholas. And when he had long prayed and sighed he fell asleep, and when he awoke he found himself in the chapel of his father, whereas was much joy made for him. . 
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