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Mistress Gwenneth, 
Do you know when bids are due? Also, do you know if anyone from our Kingdom has put a bid in for this?

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> Greetings to the Seneschals of the Known World,
> The 50 year anniversary of the SCA is just a few years away. The West
> Kingdom is putting a bid together to host this event. We want to know what
> you want to see at the event. Please send us your ideas, requests, offers
> to help.... This is still in the creation stage and we are very interested
> in incorporating as many ideas and people as we can from the known world.
> Could you please share this with your Kingdoms listing this email as a
> contact point? We truly wish to be able to gather as much information as
> possible so that the event is as spectacular as it has the potential to be.
> Thank You,
> Mistress Alys Graye
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