[Ansteorra] Osprey Men at Arms

Jasper captain_jasperc at yahoo.com
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It depends on what you are using them for. They are a great guide for building a fighting kit as they all contain extensive illustrations from modern illustrators as well as pics of period sources such as paintings, illuminations, woodcuts and the like. Most are written by those who hold PHD's in their given fields of history so the information is accurate and reliable but only a few I own, such as the Campaign Series actually site sources and contain bibliographies. A great resource for someone looking to find out how a soldier might have lived during their favored time period. 
Sometimes you can luck out and find them at Half Price books. Hobbytown USA sometimes have them on our timeperiods. I ussually get mine from Amazon and can find them in good used condition. 
Jasper C.

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Just a general question. How useful/reliable are the Osprey Men-at-arms books?

-- YiS, Faelan Caimbeul
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