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Not at all.  One of the things I have noticed about our current setup is
that it is really great if you already have a clue of what you are looking
for.  In this case, I knew that the Media Relations person came under the
Seneschal so it was an easy leap to those pages.  If you didn't have that
fact then it makes it much harder to figure out where to go.  It is always a
challenge to make a web site include what you want without putting every
link on every page and making it unusable.  I have some work to do still to
meet the happy medium.  As always, suggestions are always appreciated (from
anyone) and you can send those to me at my personal address,
kpratt at sw.rr.com,  or the kingdom at webminister.ansteorra.org address.
Probably better to send them privately so that the list isn't clogged up
with lots traffic that only holds interest to a small number of people at
any given time.

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I'm an idiot.  Thank you!


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